In 2013, I was offered an opportunity to share my love of needle felting with others. A local yarn-fiber shop (and cheese creamery) saw my all wool gargoyle, and some of my other work, and asked if I would consider teaching needle felting classes at their store. They had spinning, knitting, and other classes that covered all manner of wool and fiber crafts and art, so I was very honored to be asked... and pushing the limits of what I can do with wool and a needle are more fun than ever!  

needle felting love

This journey has also grown into a friendship with the owner of Ewe and I, and we are now collaborating with some products...I am delighted to have my hand washed natural wool and mohair curly locks for sale through their store, both the physical store and their online store! I never expected to go down this path, but when the heart is open, life can take you down paths that you'd never think of...and really enjoy the journey! Stay tuned because I have no doubt there is more for me down this path!