It started with a cute photo I came across on Facebook. It had been shared many times and I couldn’t track it back to a source so I could ask permission to use it (which is something I insist on before I try to make my version of an image). In this case, it was a poor copy of a dozen or more copies, so I decided to use it for inspiration and make my own artistic image based on that happy face.

And this ended up being one of my favorite works so far! He just makes me grin so much 😁.

This one is harder to let go of, but so many people have told me they smile looking at him that I can let it go knowing how much he’ll be enjoyed. 🥰

For those who enjoy seeing progress pictures, I’ve included some. Let me know what you think 🙂, and you can get more details on the final artwork at my web store. 

Thanks for reading!

needle felt wool picture of donkey