My inspiration comes from, well, any breeze that blows sometimes. LOL It's like my brain constantly has reconnaissance feelers out "there" always taking in intel and beaming back images and interesting things to the creative niches in my brain. Problem is, I squirrel mentally when it comes to my new creative projects...because I want to needle felt everything! 

In the case of my cougar portrait, I saw this beautiful pyrography pattern (one of my brothers is into pyrography and various woodworking techniques) for sale, and I thought, "ooo ooo, what if I tried a monochrome portrait using this pattern as a base outline?" And so I did just that.... Of course, I tweak and fiddle and change and play as I create, so my original pieces are usually quite a bit different than the original "guideline" concept, but that is part of the fun of it all! 

So this big lady is no exception; she isn't exactly monochrome, but I did start with that concept. So minimal colors was my end result, with focus on shades of a few colors. The result turned out okay, I think. Actually, I like her quite a lot! I'm not sure I like the background color I chose (kind of a salmon pink), so I think I'll do another one on a background of a sand/oatmeal colored linen...but that's for the future (although I have the design drawn on the linen, just waiting in my "to do" drawer).

So, here's my progress photos of my Mountain Lion Mama... and if you're interested, she is available in my shop (but I can't guarantee for how long).

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