When I first started needle felting, my favorite style was to create wool sculptures, especially art dolls. I made a series of old Universal movie monsters, from Nosferatu to Frankenstein's monster, and they kind of put me on the map, so to speak. They helped me establish a little bit of a fan following online, and I had several commissions for them. But one of my biggest "hits" was my wool version of gargoyles (technically, grotesques, in the sculptural world).

However, as time marches on, so does aging, and in my case, after over 20 years of keyboarding 10 or so hours a day as an online web writer and writer, repetitive motion started wearing at my wrists, thumbs and hands in general. Sculpting wool figures and characters, which often took me 80+ hours of stabbing wool to complete, began to become a bit of an issue. 

Not wanting to even think about giving up my needle felting, I decided to try my hands on flat needle felting pictures, portraits, and wall art. I absolutely loved it! I thought nothing would be more fun than my sculptures, but I found out I was wrong...the wool pictures (also called wool painting) suited me wonderfully! Without having to stab a core wool structure, I could jump right into the details I loved about my dolls, and much more of them!

My first wool pictures were so much fun; I made a cardinal on a snowy pine branch with pine cones for my first one. My second was a red fox kit I'd bought from LivingFelt (.com), and I turned it into an arctic fox, and gave it to my mom for Mother's Day. My third one, was a request from a long-time art doll customer. She loved koalas and had a special place in her heart for an albino joey she remembered from when she was younger. So that was my first commissioned wool portrait (pictures attached). It was also my first documented portrait where I took progress photos along the way. (That commissioned portrait is living in its home in Florida.)

And that leads me to now. I've all but completely switched to my wool wall art; I have some of my older sculptures that I had tucked away listed in my store, but I will be posting wall art more and more, moving forward (when they aren't sold first before I can list them LOL). 

If you want any of my 3D wool sculptures, all that is left is what I have here in my shop, and that will be it. But I think this is the best move for me, and as much as I loved my art dolls, I'm told by comment and by request, that my pictures are the way I should go...and my hands agree. LOL

Until next time... when I'll share some progress photos of different projects, maybe my cougar? Until then, keep finding things to smile about, because no matter what happens around us, God is still there and hasn't changed His plan!

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