Gallery - Needle Felt Art Dolls by Cherie' C Davidson       


Pics of my past projects, commissions, and workshop fun!

"The Dr. Will See You Now" was one of my favorite dolls to create. It was for a relative who had Dr. "Now" (from the TLC weight loss reality show) as her doctor and she has flourished and thrived, and wanted a look-a-like doll of him. I was delighted to make this little wool replica of one of her favorite people!

My first completely free design sculpt, meaning I just started stabbing wool knowing that I wanted a soft, female figure, but no design or concept. And this is where the wool and needle led me. She was a calm joy to create!

One of my favorite pieces because it was my first memorial piece; a commission for a sweet lady who had some of her beloved ram's wool after he passed on. I used some of it for this sculpt. I'll always remember Abe Lincoln ram.

After my man-in-the-moon workshop, I was inspired by a student to make a blue moon. (He sold in about three days! So I'm making another for my shop. A fun excuse, right? lol)

The man-in-the-moon was my creation for one of my first workshops teaching needle felting; this cutie was our subject. Tons of fun!

George, the puppygoyle. My largest piece to date (almost 3x the size of a human head). A gift.

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