About - Needle Felt Art Dolls by Cherie' C Davidson       


From a box of rocks to playing with wool…

I am a sculptural needle felt artist and instructor, and since 2012, I have absolutely adored sculpting and creating figures, characters, dolls, and pictures out of wool batting, and I enjoy representing my wool needle felt dolls as a member of Professional Doll Maker Artist Guild. 

Since childhood, I've been crafting, creating and sharing my handmade work. At ten years old, I painted pet rocks and rock paperweights, and one summer I walked hours, carrying a cardboard box filled with these rocks door to door, along a very long rural country road, visiting neighbors in my valley, and selling my handmade creations for a quarter each, or for cookies. Today I spend every moment possible working with beautiful wool, natural fibers, and a very sharp needle, sculpting wool into wonderful, original characters, figures, and wool “paintings.”  Who knew that stabbing wool would be something that I love to do so very much!

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